How to freeze rows in google sheets

An article to help people on “How to freeze rows in google sheets”, so that one can freeze their rows as per their convenience and can do their analysis efficiently.

So, this functionality is available in Google Sheets as well as in Excel as well.

Step # 1

Look at the basic data first and have an idea about it i.e. what all metrics are involved in that.

So, here we have First metric as “Case” and two other metrics as “Metric 1” & “Metric 2”.

Step # 2

Go to the google sheets and on the top row select “View > Freeze > No. of rows”.

Look at the image below to have real idea about it:

So, if you will select

  • 1 row: 1 row i.e. the top row will freeze
  • 2 rows: 2 row i.e. 1st and 2nd row will freeze

Unfreeze Option

And in case you want to remove the freeze feature then select the “No rows” feature shown in the image presented above.

What’s next?

Similarly, one can use the column freeze option to freeze or unfreeze the columns as well.

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