How to write resume for Tableau Developer Jobs (Tableau resume)

How to write resume for Tableau Developer Jobs (Tableau resume)

A detailed article on “How to write resume for Tableau Developer Jobs (Tableau resume)” i.e. how to write, what to write, how to prepare, tips etc.

Like all resume start with a simple introduction about yourself in your resume like:

Part A: Introduction

“Self-motivated & a high-energy resource having Business and Early Stage Startup background, good with numbers, research, people management and communication skills.

Able to use analytical and statistical skills to implement plans as needed in different areas.

Proven track record in areas like research and analysis, data analysis for machine learning and natural language processing(NLP)algorithms, digital marketing, content writing and management, SEO etc. practices in a fast-paced and challenging environment. “

Modify the above introduction as per your requirement.

Part B: Educational Details

  • or you can skip this if you are working since quite a longtime

Part C: Professional Experience details

  • Timeline – i.e. for how many years you have worked in that particular post
  • Projects in bold marked
    • Work related to tableau in that projects e.g. 
    • Built automated dashboard and provided enhanced daily visibility to senior leadership across the globe for aggregate metrics 
    • Completed the adoption of the same across organization
    • Impact: Expanded the visibility at global level and automated the whole work which earlier used to take involvement of several analysts and significant infrastructure cost

Write about major projects that you have covered like this for different organizations. Also, add description like below to give an idea to your interviewer about your knowledge in Tableau

  • Have designed and developed various dashboards using Tableau Visualizations like Dual Axis, Bar Graphs, Scatter Plots, Pie-Charts, Heat Maps, Bubble Charts, Box Plots, Geographic Visualization and other making use of actions, other local and global filters

Part D: Interview Preparation

Above strategy will help in getting selected for the interview round but be ready to explain the points mentioned in your resume as without that you will not be able to actually clear the interview round

Part E: Communicate it well

  • Also, tell people what specific business intelligence you delivered to the stakeholders and how it impacted the business
  • Who all were the actual stakeholders of your project
  • Who gave you that project or it was a self-driven initiative

People like to listen to the self-driven initiatives that you took, what specific valuable business intelligence you delivered and how that was helpful.

How you saved time and money etc. are the questions that the interviewer might be really interested in, because that shows both your domain knowledge, ability to deal with problems and your thinking approach.

Part F: Hands on Experience

  • Also, be ready to give any tests or assignments that they provide to you to check your hands-on experience in tableau

Part G: Other Additional Things

  • Also, show them your SQL knowledge or python knowledge if you have any
  • Also, if you have any certifications related to the domain mention that, as that is like icing on cake
  • Also, mention about freelance projects if you delivered any or if you have written any article that are readily available to people if they go online on the spot  as that adds your credibility and showcases your knowledge in the field

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