Sanskrti The Language of Gods

Sanskrit Facts The Language of Gods

Facts related to the 3500 years old language i.e. “Sanskrit Facts The Language of Gods” used in literatures of Hindus community, very systematic and technical.


  • Oldest language of Ancient India 
  • Documented history of nearly 3,500 years 
  • Primary literature language of the Hinduism 
  • A very systematic and technical language

Also, called as the mother of all languages.

Here are some facts related to Sanskrit 

  • Have influenced at least 97% of the world languages and is a very versatile language
  • Sanskrit uses minimum number of words to say something
  • Numerous synonyms for each word each
  • Sanskrit language has the largest vocabulary 
  • Also, called as the language of the Gods i.e. called as Dev Bhasha or Dev Vani i.e. the language of the gods
  • Script is called devnagri i.e. dev means gods and nagari means towns or cities
  • Believed to have been generated by the god Brahma, which was passed onto the Rishi’s and then to their disciples and hence spreaded with time
  • Research suggests that learning Sanskrit improves brain function students improve academically 
  • After the Research report by NASA scientist Rick Briggs Sanskrit is one of the most suitable languages for computers and is considered that it is very efficient in the making of algorithms 

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